Let Turbo Time do the calculations for you on your PC, it's quick and accurate. With Turbo Time you now have history at our fingertips. Need to know how many "Injured on Duty" days Paul has taken since January 3rd 2000, up to last night? In less than a minute you can have that information. Try doing that manually! How long will it take you to work out how many employees have taken more than seven days of "Day Off Sick - Paid" since January 2003 until last night? It will take us less than two minutes to give you an answer to this query or any other of the 199 codes that come standard with our software. Turbo Time can provide this information for you, quickly and accurately.

Your company' s productivity and profitability is directly related to attendance, absenteeism and the tardiness of your employees! A computerized Time & Attendance or Time with Access control will give you far better control over late arrivals, early departures and absenteeism, thereby allowing you to increase your company's productivity.

Our largest site has 4 500 employees and the second largest site has 2 500 working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have other sites with over a 100 employees. and our smallest site has 3 employees, using a fingerprint reader. All these sites use our SQL Multi-User package and use one of our two set-up options. They either have one SQL database which offices around the county log into. Others prefer that each city has its own database and the Financial Director can log into that company's database from their head quarters, to see what the operational costs are for that company. The human resources department then logs into the remote company's database and imports the times worked into their payroll system. We also have a new payroll interface for VIP - GT that calculates meal tickets and taxi fares as well as all the other paraphernalia that goes from Turbo Time to the VIP GT payroll.

Recently, a firm of attorneys with 1000 employees requested that we install a system whereby the staff are able to see their time worked by clicking on an icon on their PC. Why wait for a report to be delivered when, by simply clicking on a icon, you can see the flexitime hours worked for the month. Also, any short time or excess time worked or hours carried over from last month can easily be displayed.

Our latest update includes reports that are automatically generated and emailed to staff as per the scheduler. Examples of this include: 

  • Emailing daily absenteeism to all the department heads
  • Sending a weekly clocked time report to all the supervisors
  • Sending a detailed summery Overtime report to the production director and financial director
  • Sending an excessive lost time report to the human recourse manager every Monday, etc.

    The Old Way - Time attendance
    Imported mechanical clock card machines cost a lot to repair or replace. Names are written or labelled onto this weeks cards and last weeks cards are removed, manually calculated and then manually captured onto the payroll system. This is a painful process! 

    The New Way - Time attendance
    In the next two years we will see a big swing towards biometrics. Hands scanners, fingerprint readers, facial recognition systems, etc, are all being used by us at the moment, but as more breakthroughs are made, prices are coming down, slowly making it more affordable.

    As fingerprint readers become more reliable and user-friendly in the factory environment, we are now able to offer a TCP-IP standalone unit with a 200 finger print template storage at under R10 000. The main reason for going the biometric route is to eliminate the use of cards and stop one employee clocking in for the other. This is especially viable if the company's overtime is excessive, making the investment in biometrics well worth it. 

    However, there are still 1000's of companies that employ less than 75 employees and for various reasons do not want a sophisticated hi-tech biometric system. This is where our range of Compu-Clock units come into play and provides 100% accuracy, gathering time and attendance information and processing it quickly and efficiently. Numerous reports are generated for management so those different types of absenteeism's are identified, addressed, and then minimized. Any calculation errors are addressed before the pay run and not afterwards. 

    You have more important things to do, why not let Turbo Time do all the time calculations for you on your PC? 

    Why Computerise to biometric fingerprint readers
    Sentri's Compu-Clock range of Time terminals are easy to use, reliable and inexpensive. It gives you complete control over your workforce's time, attendance and absenteeism. You automatically build up a history of attendance and tardiness that would otherwise be time consuming to keep up-to-date if you did it manually.

    Manual calculations can mean that employees are short paid, which leads to complaining and discontentment. However, manual calculations could also mean paying employees too much and losing money in the process. We had a company that paid their employees double and no one said a thing! 

    Why not eliminate these pay queries and errors by implementing one of our Compu-Clocks computerised time systems! Link the hours worked to your existing payroll package and you will reduce the errors and guarantee accurate data processing, every time! 

    Turbo Time and Attendance Systems can automate every aspect of your time and payroll process, instantly transforming the processing of your employees times worked into a pleasure, instead of a chore. 

    Biometric fingerprint readers stop one employee clocking in for another (buddy clocking) Thus reducing fraudulent clockings and keeping better control over your overtime. These devices can also be used for biometric access control and biometric time and attendance.
    Who Are We - Turbo Time?
    For the past 21 years Turbo Time has grown in leaps and bounds to be a leading time and attendance software package. We have been devolving hardware for thumbprint, fingerprint, biometric readers as well as portable time clocks and clocking machines for both time control and time access control systems and software for time keeping and time attendance equipment.

    Sentri Systems the parent company for Turbo Time attendance has its factory in Johannesburg, South Africa where we design and manufacture Compu-Clocks and other time terminals for staff clocking attendance. We have 100's of sites installed using various time keeping equipment ranging from portable time attendance clocks all the way up to biometric and various finger print attendance readers and the basic system is so modular that it comes in a "do-it-your-self" kit. It is this building block approach that makes our system suitable for companies who employ 10 employees to 10 000's of employees.

    Time register recorders or clock card systems are a requirement for every company and Turbo Time is the solution for all your time attendance requirements.